• #330000
    Electro-Osmotic Flow Generation via a Sticky Ion Action
  • #99cccc
    Dehydrated Biomimetic Membranes with Skinlike Structure and Function
  • #000000
    Packaging pressurized dsDNA virus reveals genome organized in loops, not spools
  • #333333
  • #660033
    Aromatic residues facilitate electric current through proteins
  • #cc9900
    DNA turbine in nanopore switches rotation direction in high salt
  • #666666
    Benchmarking Molecular Dynamics Force Fields for All-Atom Simulations of Biological Condensates
  • #339999
    DNA double helix, a tiny electromotor
  • #000000
    Unidirectional single-file transport of full-length proteins through a nanopore
  • #006666
    Toward a physical model of a replisome
  • #993366
    Percolation controls passive transport through nuclear pores
  • #006699
    Resolving isomeric posttranslational modifications using a biological nanopore as a sensor of molecular shape
  • #990099
    Multiple rereads of single protein sequence
  • #00cccc
    Self-folding water filter
  • #262cc9
    Infinite-depth sequencing of single nucleic acid molecules
  • #003366
    Mrdna: Multi-resolution DNA modeling package blends speed and accuracy for structure determination
  • #0000cc
    Nanopore recognition of the twenty amino acids
  • #009999
    Predicting energy production of entire photosynthetic organelle from atomic simulations
  • #ff9933
    Artificial water channels enable rapid and selective water transport
  • #00ccff
    Guiding the capture of DNA molecules and proteins

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