DNA Origami Structure Prediction

This service performs a series of brief coarse-grained simulations of a DNA origami object, first at low resolution to produce rapid relaxation of a structure, then at high-resolution to enable mapping to an atomistic structure. A typical simulation will require about 1 hour of runtime. As we have only limited resources, you may need to wait significantly longer in the queue.

Please direct any questions or issues to Chris Maffeo (cmaffeo2@illinois.edu).

Text file containing nucleotide sequence ('atcg' or 'ATCG'). Pound symbol (#) comments the remainder of a line. Other characters are ignored.

To obtain statistics for our funding agencies, this service collects and stores your IP address, an approximate location derived from the IP address and a timestamp each time a job is submitted. Your email address, if provided, is not associated with other data collected and is deleted from the server once the job completes and an email is sent. Please contact Chris Maffeo (cmaffeo2@illinois.edu) with questions, concerns or requests regarding privacy.