Converting caDNAno design JSON file to all-atom PDB file

CaDNAno is a software for designing DNA origami. With the graphical interface and the built-in rules for inter-helical connections, it simplified the design process. Since its release in 2009, caDNAno has become the most popular software in designing DNA origami. This service converts a DNA origami in caDNAno (JSON format) to an all-atom structure in PDB format.

Here, we provide a smiley face for testing.

Intersted in performing all-atom simulation on your DNA origami design? Please visit our tutorial (NAMD) or tutorial (Gromacs).

Text file containing nucleotide sequence ('atcg' or 'ATCG'). Pound symbol (#) comments the remainder of a line. Other characters are ignored.
File from cadnano containing sequences for staple strands.

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