• #009999
    Predicting energy production of entire photosynthetic organelle from atomic simulations
  • #00ccff
    Guiding the capture of DNA molecules and proteins
  • #333366
    Outperforming nature: synthetic enzyme built from DNA flips lipids of biological membranes at record rates
  • #ff9900
    Under Pressure: repellant nanopores
  • #000099
    Simulations capture diffusive substeps of a protein moving along ssDNA
  • #999999
    MD simulations link DNA flexibility to base modifications
  • #3366cc
    Plasmonic Nanopores for Trapping, Controlling Displacement, and Sequencing of DNA
  • #996699
    DNA origami: Deformable material with programmable electrical properties
  • #663366
    A coarse-grained model captures the atomic structure of single-stranded DNA
  • #ff9900
    Molecular gymnastics of DNA strands on charged graphene