Phase behavior of gradient copolymers

Aleksei Aksimentiev, and Robert Hołyst
The Journal of Chemical Physics 111 2329-2339 (1999)
DOI:10.1063/1.479504  BibTex

Phase properties of gradient ABcopolymer melts which consist of chains with the specified chemical distribution of A and B monomers have been studied within the Landau–Ginzburg model. All the melts with the linear distribution of the monomers exhibit only a direct continuous phase transition from disordered to the lamellar phase. The hexagonal, body-centered-cubic, double-gyroid (G), and lamellar-ordered structures have been found in the melts with the monotonic but nonlinear distribution of the monomers. The G structure has been also found in the gradient copolymer melts with the distribution function of monomers similar to the A–B–A triblock copolymers.